Catering Beverage

Beverage Options


Cash Bar

 Guest Are Responsible For The Cost of Their Individual Beverages.


Consumption Bar

Drinks Are Charged Individually To Hosts’ Bill.

Drink Prices Are Approximately As Follows:

Beer $2.75 -  $3.25

Cocktails $4.25 – $6.50

Wine $5.50 Glass   $22.00 Bottle

You May Limit Consumption Bar to Beer & Wine Only. You May Select The Brands You Would Like Offered On Consumption Bar.


Open Bar

 Unlimited Drinks per Person 21 Or Older For 1-3 Hours

Beer & Wine – $18 per Person

Call Liquor, Beer & Wine -$22 per Person

Non-Alcoholic Punch $35 per Bowl, Serves 15 People

Champagne Punch$35 per Bowl, Serves 15 People



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